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kim seon yeong interviews 5-7 on sports today

[t/l note: corrections welcome, as always!! this is also the last of this series of sports today intreviews with kim seon yeong. there may be others, but this series is only a 7-parter.]

Kim Seon Yeong "Go Kyeong Pyo is a profoundly serious friend... I wanted to regard him as a son" (interview ⑤)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong disclosed being moved by Go Kyeong Pyo's seriousness.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong frankly spoke about how when it comes to Go Kyeong Pyo, who she met in a mother-son relationship through 'Answer Me 1988', "300%, 400% of what enters his heart" is truly who he is.

Kim Seon Yeong reflected, "Go Kyeong Pyo is a breath of fresh air. Somehow.. He's quite 'real' as he is", "He's not pretentious. There are people who bring about the good-humored, unpretentious feel, but it feels like this friend is the real deal."

"Although, at first, I though the was afraid of me, he was really just a quiet friend by nature. When he shot his final scene with me, it seems that he didn't know it was the final one. As I was leaving first, I told him that I was disappointed that today was the last, and he cried right there. Seeing that, even I ended up crying with him," she recounted.

"I wanted to regard him as my son. He was a deeply serious friend", Kim Seon Yeong added, sharing her painful thoughts regarding Go Kyeong Pyo.

Kim Seon Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Woo's (Go Kyeong Pyo) mother, Seon Yeong in 'Answer Me 1988'. She was a self-sacrificing mother who took care of her son Seon Woo and daughter Jin Joo on her own after her husband passed away. The deep and mature Seon Woo paid particular attention to such a mother's needs, forming a special mother-son bond.

Kim Seon Yeong "Park Bo Gum's girlfriend is Lee Il Hwa? They misunderstood her girl-like figure" (interview ⑥)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong clarified the details regarding the 'Park Bo Gum's girlfriend' happening that arose from Phuket.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong explained the reason that there was a misunderstanding about Lee Il Hwa being Park Bo Gum's girlfriend during the reward vacation in Phuket that they were enjoying after the end of 'Answer Me 1988'.

To start with, when the 'Answer Me 1988' production staff and cast left for their reward vacation in Phuket, the domestic online community showed Park Bo Gum together with a woman on-site. A portion of the netizens started asking questions regarding the woman's true identity and baseless rumors that she was 'Park Bo Gum's girlfriend' spread, but it has been confirmed that the woman in question was Lee Il Hwa.

"Il Hwa Eonni, Mi Ran Eonni were eating a meal after they had gone and gotten a massage together. Suddenly, someone came and told us that a photo of Bo Gum and Il Hwa Eonni had been taken, so, at that time, we finally understood what was going on", "Il Hwa Eonni's figure is too much like a young girl's, so it seems to have provoked this kind of a misunderstanding," said Kim Seon Yeong.

"I'm also intimately glamorous. I took a photo with Hye Ri in Phuket, and it seems that there isn't really a difference between the size of our faces. So I told Hye Ri to just pass over her remaining advertising shoots to me. My rival is Hye Ri," Kim Seon Yeong joked, laughing out loud.

Kim Seon Yeong "The broadcast end for 'AM88'.. It's like a lover I broke up with" (interview ⑦)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong reveals her painful feelings on 'Answer Me 1988'.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong expressed her deep regret, and conveyed her feelings of gratitude on the viewers' passionate responses.

Kim Seon Yeong, who endured a long period of anonymity after her debut and then gained grandest spotlight on 'Answer Me 1988', said, "The ratings were high, but we weren't that aware of the popularity. I'm just grateful that I'm able to do an interview like this, and that I am able to gradually get to know more people."

"I really am sad that it's over. It feels like a lover I had broken up with. In truth, I haven't let go of this production. I miss it and I still I want to do it," Kim Seon Yeong said in particular, opening up about how all of the changes made possible by 'Answer Me 1988' have been more than she deserved.

She'll be going on to another project from here on. Kim Seon Yeong, who will soon begin filming for the movie 'ONE LINE', confessed in a small voice, "I'll try not to keep swinging between joy and sadness. I'll be able to swallow it up given a month. Even as I need to prepare for 'ONE LINE', I want to be able to do everything well and get close with the actors here as well."

Kim Seon Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Yeong, mother of Seon Woo (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo (Kim Seol) in 'Answer Me 1988'. She established a warm friendship with Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran), and a loveline with Taek's (Park Bo Gum) father, Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong), causing a deep impression with her sincere acting.

[t/l note: Kim Sun Young and Lee Dong Hwi will actually both be in the ONE LINE movie.]