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YOF Episode 3 preview

source: http://program.interest.me/tvn/floweryoungboy/9/Board/List?b_seq=22

[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 3 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-04

From Phuket to Sossusvlei~ The youths ran without time to rest!
In order to get healing for their tired bodies and hearts, they head towards a rest camp!

The AM88 brothers who have completely adapted to Africa
Their next destination, the rest camp, Swakopmund!
They embark on a trip there, where the golden desert meets the waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

Heart-throbbing~ Maknae Bogum's first time driving!
The youths who lost their spirits to the town they had stormed
after a sad tale of having to leave the steering wheel after only 3 minutes and some twists and turns!

Jun Yeol, Bo Gum's unending desert activities!
Jae Hong, Kyeong Pyo have fallen completely in love with a delicious restaurant!
And then... the pocket money that is slowly vanishing without Cashier Go's knowledge (?)
The poor youngsters, can they get to Victoria Falls as they had thought?

March 4 Friday evening at 9:45
"Youths Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 3!
If you are watching the first broadcast… we are grateful!

[t/l note: you can find info about Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp here]
[t/l note 2: i needed that correction! haha. See here for an explanation on that last line.]