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YOF Episode 4 preview

source: http://program.interest.me/tvn/floweryoungboy/9/Board/List?b_seq=23

[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 4 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-11

The youths have recharged their energy at the Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp!*
At last... they set out to search for the romance of Africa, the wild animals!**

After maknae Bo Gum's startling rear-end collision as he was backing out,
the place they were headed to was the world's largest wildlife protection organization!
The mecca of game driving, Etosha National Park
What are the animal characters that surprised them right from the entrance?

The youths who met the water head-on at the pool!
They start throwing off their underwear in excitement, but...
they start up again with the painful camping manual labor!
'Outdoor Master Bong''s second special menu is now open to the public!

The AM88 Brothers who have grown even closer with some alcohol!
Opening up for the first time about the stories of their acting life
and their inner feelings that they have not talked about anywhere else...

March 11 Friday evening at 9:45!
"Youth Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 4!
Please come play in the Animal Kingdom~

[t/l notes:
* You can find info about Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp here
** "The romance/spirit of Africa" or perhaps "the African romance/spirit/dream"