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Feb. 10th, 2016


ryu jun yeol interview on OSEN

Ryoo Joon Yeol "Talk about the 'ONam' thing with Park Bo Gum? We sorted it out after the 'AM88' broadcast ended"
source: OSEN

[OSEN=Reporter Jeong Joon Hwa] Actor Ryoo Joon Yeol said, "I talked with Park Bo Gum after the broadcast ended and sorted out the annoyance over Deok Seon's future husband."

Ryoo Joon Yeol disclosed this during an interview on the morning of the 11th at Soul Plaza Hotel.

He took the role of Kim Jeong Hwan on the recently concluded tvN drama 'Answer Me 1988', and put forth an enthusiastic performance. He demonstrated both acting ability and charm through this drama and rose to stardom overnight.

When we brought up the talk about the 'husband hunt', one of the charm points of this drama, Ryoo Joon Yeol immediately said, "It was a strange experience. Although I acted, while personally getting the sense that those kinds of reactions were flying about... the fact is that I was able to give it my all as I received even more support. I didn't expect to become the husband. I also only belatedly found out about the term, 'ONamRyoo'. I didn't have any thoughts regarding the husband. Come to think about it, it's interesting even now; why didn't Bogum and I talk about the husband?"


He added, "From a viewer's standpoint, I also watched it with anxiety. 'AM88' was written really well with high quality, so I was able to get immersed in it. Watching Kim Joo Hyeok Sonbaenim, I was curious about whether it would be me or if it would be Bo Gum. I anticipated the scripts like this, with the same feelings as the viewers. Even in our group chat, when a script would come out, we would all talk together, saying, 'Oh my God, oh my God'."
[t/l note: Ok, fine. They were saying "daebak, daebak"... "This is awesome, this is awesome!" "OMG, OMG" just seemed more fitting.]

Meanwhile, Ryoo Joon Yeol debuted in 2014 with the short film 'Midnight Sun', and received favorable reputation from audiences and critics alike for his performance in his first feature film 'Socialphobia' in which he was brimming over with personality. This year, he plans to steadily meet audiences through three projects, from the movies 'Sori: Voice from the Heart', 'No Tomorrow', and then 'Glory Day'./joonamana@osen.co.kr

[Photo] Reporter Choi Gyoo Han dreamer@osen.co.kr


kim seon yeong interviews 1-3 on sports today

Kim Seon Yeong "'OnamTaek'? The scenario was interesting" (Interview ①)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong discloses her candid thoughts on the husband hunt in 'Answer Me 1988'.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong spoke regarding Taek (Park Bo Gum) becoming Deok Seon's (Hye Ri) husband, "The entire scenario was interesting to watch."

According to Kim Seon Yeong, Director Shin Won Ho was resolute in emphasizing the family stories as the central theme from the beginning, and telling stories that he himself wanted to tell in this series that he didn't get to in the previous ones.

"It wasn't a scenario that came together just for the husband-hunt. From an actor's standpoint, it was a scenario that was frankly greatly interesting, a scenario in which one could immerse oneself into the entire flow. For me, it was family, and if I think about all of our stories, this kind of flow was alright, but because the time spent on the kids' friendship seemed insufficient, it seems that there were a lot of discontent voices," Kim Seon Yeong said.

Among the viewers who wished that there would be less of a husband hunt, there were people who commented criticisms against Kim Seon Yeong. Their intent was to express that they wanted to see Hye Ri's loveline with Ryoo Joon Yeol and Park Bo Gum instead of Kim Seon Yeong's loveline with Choi Moo Seong, but Kim Seon Yeong was a little hurt by it.

"I saw comments which included people's discontent regarding the fact that my loveline got more exposure than Ryoo Joon Yeol and Park Bo Gum. When I saw the comments speaking ill of me, it hindered my acting. I preserved my feelings about acting, but I haven't looked at the comments since that terrible moment," she spoke frankly, revealing her innermost thoughts.

Kim Seong Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Woo's (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo's (Kim Seol) widowed mother, Seon Yeong, in Answer Me 1988. She deeply moved the viewers, attaining a warm friendship with the Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran) as well as a loveline with Taek's (Park Bo Gum) father Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong).

Kim Seon Yeong "The 'YOF' kidnapped kids' reactions were wonderful" (interview ②)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong reported the reactions from Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were kidnapped by PD Na Young Seok from Phuket.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong described the situation when Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were enjoying an 'Answer Me 1988' reward vacation, found PD Na Young Seok and suffered shock.

Kim Seon Yeong said, "Nobody knew. Just before the hidden camera started filming, only the adults were told that the kids would be taken and they would leave. We got really anxious and were taken aback."

They suddenly left for 'Youth Over Flowers' filming, and everyone involved became even more panicked. "When they were lead away, everyone's reactions were like illusions. They followed obediently, but because it was 'YOF', it's not like they could do anything about it," said Kim Seon Yeong., "Wouldn't it be great if they took us later on and we got to have our turn for 'NOF'," she added.
[t/l note: NOF = Noonas Over Flowers]

The 'Answer Me 1988' production staff and cast went to Phuket at the end of the drama broadcast for a reward vacation. Ryoo Joon Yeol, Ahn Jae Hong, and Go Kyeong Pyo, who were enjoying their vacation on-site, were lead away by PD Na Yeong Seok and immediately departed for Africa. Park Bo Gum, who returned first to Korea, got on a plane to Africa immediately following the fulfilment of his filming schedule for 'Music Bank'.

Kim Seon Yeong "A melodrama with Choi Moo Seong was crazy good" (interview ③)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong discloses her feelings about acting out a melo with Choi Moo Seong.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong revealed a particular affection for her melodramatic performance together with Choi Moo Seong on 'Answer Me 1988'.

Kim Seon Yeong said, "The melo with Choi Moo Seong was very good. It was crazy good. I want to do more of these" and "I feel like I could perform this without regret in indie films."

In the drama, Choi Moo Seong portrayed Taekie's (Park Bo Gum) awkward and unsociable father. Kim Seon Yeong said, "The actual Choi Moo Seong is even more so than Taek's father." "It made me wonder whether you could call out a person for being this awkward. However, he may appear stoic, but he's now a comfortable person. He has a unique charm," she explained.

Kim Seon Yeong further revealed, "Choi Moo Seong has really great talent as an actor. And thus far, we've gotten really close. I was a fan of Choi Moo Seong before AM88. I had a lot of interest in him. I was surprised when I heard who my partner would be for the romance that Director Shin Won Ho had told me about."

In 'Answer Me 1988', Kim Seon Yeong and Choi Moo Seong portrayed characters who each lived on their own, having lost their respective spouses, but had also spent their childhood years together as if they were brother and sister. They both hid their affection for each other in the face of worrying about their children, but, in the end, they became a married couple, and joined their families into one.

Feb. 4th, 2016


park bo gum on chosun

"My greatest deviation until now? Probably that I've gone home at midnight before"

source: Chosun.com

[t/l note: sorry for the run-on sentences… hopefully this still makes sense. as always, corrections welcome!]

- Park Bo Gum, the pure young man who portrayed the role of Choi Taek on 'AM88'
"Knowing that [I] was Deok Seon's husband at the end" he focused mostly on acting out playing baduk
He wants to become an actor who others want to work with

"More than anything, I wanted to do well in acting out playing baduk. Because I wanted to hear people say, 'He really can play baduk,' I worked very hard to study the news accounts on the professionals, from the look in their eyes and even their postures."

Although the viewers' interest lay on the love triangle, Park Bo Gum (23) himself decided to focus much more on the act of playing baduk. On tvN's 'Answer Me 1988' (AM88), hailed as 'the people's drama', he acquired tremendous popularity as 'Choi Taek', a genius baduk player, a pure young man who only knew baduk. Because of his vivid portrayal of being so terribly immersed that he ends up so completely exhausted he barely has the energy to walk whenever he goes to play a game of baduk, it has been said that there has been a drastic increase in inquiries from kindergartens, colleges, the military, and everywhere wanting to learn to play baduk.

[photo; caption: Park Bo Gum who met us at Samcheongdong in Seoul on the 4th, said, "I want to try taking on the challenge of sageuk and action movies, and musicals." / Reporter Lee Taek Kyeong]

After the broadcast ended, he went to Phuket together with the cast on a reward vacation, then he flew over to Namibia in Africa to film 'Youth Over Flowers' with PD Na Yeong Seok, and has been back in the country for only two days. He's so busy with the rush of interviews and filming for advertisements that there's no time to take a breath. Debuting in the 2011 movie 'Blind', he has co-starred in the dramas 'Nae Il's Cantabile' 'I Remember You' and the movie 'Roaring Currents', but he wasn't largely recognized. Park Bo Gum, who met us on the 4th at Samcheongdong in Seoul, laughed cheerfully as he said, "I think it was really wonderful that I got to act as the gentle-but-firm Taekie, but now I'm just disappointed that it's over."

During the broadcast of 'AM88', the hunt for Deok Seon's (Hye Ri) husband became a heavy topic until the very end. In the end, Taekie surpassed Jeong Hwan (Ryoo Joon Yeol) and ended up winning her love. It wasn't until they were filming Episodes 19 and 20 that Park Bo Gum found out the truth that he was 'the husband.' He said, "From the beginning, the director told us, 'All of you are main characters, so just always have fun during the filming', so we always acted with our hearts aflutter", he said, "Even when a guy watches, they hope that the truly cool Jeong Hwanie gets on well with Deok Seonie."

Cheerful and pure, a 'national treasure' that friends want to protect, Taekie resembles Park Bo Gum's actual image. Park Bo Gum said, "That image of always being quiet, earnest, and concentrating on his work is what I have in common with Taekie." Even during this interview, he answered distinctly after he got engrossed thinking about the details of the questions. His colleagues all say, "he's very kind, but hmmmm", they would inform us, 'he's an upstanding guy'.
[t/l note: I put down "upstanding guy"; the literal words I saw was "a man who lives right"]

After agonizing over getting a question asking what his most extreme deviation was, he responded, "I've gone home at midnight before?" When 3500 people recently gathered at his fan meeting, he turned down a wreath and made big news when he told his fans, "I gratefully accept only your feelings, so you should support your parents with the money you would spend on a present for me and invest in yourself. If anyone has information about good savings plans, let's share it with each other." "Most of my beloved fans are students who get an allowance from their parents, so would I accept some big present", he asked, "their feelings really are more than enough."

Having an older brother and an older sister who are 10 years older than him, he said, "I was born as the youngest child to older parents and I was raised receiving a lot of love, and so I came to immediately become aware of other people's feelings and have the ability to absorb them." And so, he finds value in expressing with his eyes without missing the momentary complex feelings. His goal is to become an actor who hears other actors say, "I want to act with Park Bo Gum." He said that it's because there are a whole lot of meanings contained within those words.

Feb. 3rd, 2016


hye ri on sports today, part 1

Hye Ri "I was honestly confused by 'OnamTaek'" (Interview ①)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Hye Ri discloses her candid thoughts regarding the husband hunting in 'Answer Me 1988'.

At a recent interview with Sports Today after the drama broadcast ended, Hye Ri opened up about a regrettable part in the 'husband hunt', which was a hot topic for viewers.

During 'Answer Me 1988''s broadcast, the matter regarding Deok Seon's (Hye Ri) husband's identity became heated, giving birth to the phrases, 'OnamRyu' and 'OnamTaek'. At the end, when it was revealed that Taek (Park Bo Gum) was the husband, a portion of the viewers criticized that it was difficult to accept the flow of the drama.

HyeRi said, "In the end, I don't think we could have satisfied everyone. When I found out that Taekie was the husband, I worried about the doubts regarding the natural progression of the entire story and about how I could convincingly show this as Deok Seon from here on out."
[t/l note: loose translation. may have made a mistake on that last sentence...]

"It's true that I was confused while I was acting because I personally thought that Jung Hwan would be the husband. But it seems that Taekie was in Deok Seon's unconscious mind from the very beginning. It was my fault for missing this. And, so, there was some dissatisfaction with the fact that 'I should have known Taek was the husband from the beginning'," she added.

Hye Ri further explained, "To Deok Seonie, Taekie was someone who was subconsciously always on her mind, who she wanted to take care of. It took a long time for her to realize that it was love. Was it the same for the viewers as it was for Deok Seonie? Because of that, it seems that the opening with her relationship with Jeong Hwanie was rougher, and that being able to depict it beautifully was the advantage. If I had felt that Taekie was the husband from the very beginning, then it would have been difficult to concentrate on my acting with Jeong Hwan."
[t/l note: The word for "opening" here is the word for opening in a game of baduk. According to baduk terms, "The opening of the game is the initial disposition of stones."]

Hye Ri incurred great interest with the husband hunt but she also felt a lot of pressure. 'AnswerMe1988' was a family drama. In addition to Deok Seon's love line, it overflowed with precious episodes charged with deep feelings between family and neighbors.

"I think there is some distance between the direction towards which the audience is watching and the direction that the drama wants to narrate. In fact, the director has said from the beginning that the husband hunt wouldn't be the focus this season, and that he wanted to place the emphasis on the story of family instead of melo,"  said Hye Ri. "I'm a little sad that it seems everyone was more interested about and turned to the husband hunt, even though there were a lot of very warm, precious episodes."

"There are a lot of actors in this drama. It's unfortunate that even when the love line appears for only 5 minutes in an episode and it doesn't make up the full course of events, it seems that [the viewers] focus their interest on those 5 minutes," she also added.

(Part 2 may be found here)

Feb. 1st, 2016


hye ri interview on sbs fun e

[Interview] Hye Ri gives it straight on scenes from 'Answer Me 1988'


[SBS funEㅣ Reporter Kang Kyeong Yoon] It doesn't matter whether you saw that tvN's 'Answer Me 1988' began with Hye Ri and ended with Hye Ri. Before the drama even began, Hye Ri's casting as the lead became a big topic in society. The reality was that, in those days, there were a lot of worries accompanying the expectations. Since broadcasting began for 'Answer Me 1988', we were inclined towards Hye Ri's 'Deok Seon'. Deok Seon, who conceded sunny-side up eggs to her siblings and ate boiled beans instead, is stronger-willed than anyone. Deok Seon, who goes along with Sung Kyun's popular phrase, 'Nice to see you, nice to see you', is kinder and more compassionate than anyone. Deok Seon, who seems to have taken a time machine and landed in a scene leading to the entry to Sangmundong, sufficiently called forth a faint scent [memory] to the viewers.  We exchanged some stories with Hye Ri regarding the scenes in the drama.

# Scene 1) Jeong Hwanie and Deok Seonie's umbrella

Jeong Hwan (Ryoo Joon Yeol) and Deok Seonie are always crossing each other. They were really close to sharing mutual feelings, but they were also really bad at making the other aware of it. When Jeong Hwanie slowly came to know of his feelings towards Deok Seonie, Deok Seonie had her sights set on Seon Woo (Go Kyeong Pyo). The scene when the brusque Jeong Hwan grabbed an umbrella and waited for Deok Seon was the moment when his inner feelings were exposed. Jeong Hwan's gaze towards the wary Deok Seon was intense.

* This scene in Hye Ri's words

“It was memorable scene that came out beautifully. There was a scene when, on a rainy day, Jeong Hwanie waited for Deok Seon in front of the house. When Deok Seon asked, 'Are you waiting for me?', Jeong Hwanie responded, 'No, I'm waiting for Seon Woo.' It was the image of the two of them waiting for a good friend. Even watching it again, that scene really was pretty. Jeong Hwanie's heart was right there in the open. When I watched the scene again, it felt good seeing how much more beautifully it turned out than while we were filming it.”

#Scene 2) The hotel kiss that broke a friendship

There was a huge wash of loneliness within Deok Seon who had come to be in a hotel with Taekie. The two who had lived a very long time under the guise of friendship were actually closer to being friends than lovers. Taekie came to learn the truth that Deok Seon had pretended not to know about the dream kiss although Taekie himself remembered it, because [Deok Seon] 'was scared it would break our friendship,' and kissed her.

* This scene in Hye Ri's words

“It was Bo Gum Oppa's first kiss scene, and it was my first as well. 'How do we do this,' I worried a lot. But even so, because Bo Gum Oppa was the man, he took the lead like a man. The kiss scene took a long time. It took about 2~3 hours? Keeping it going without breaking the mood was hard. Later, there was also a kiss scene filmed inside the car, and we also took a long time filming that. There's a lot of talk about those scenes from the viewers. (laugh)"

#Scene 3) “Let me have my own birthday cake”

Deok Seon, the second child, between Bo Ra and No Eul. Deok Seon concedes the usual sunny-side up eggs to her brother and sister and eats boiled beans instead, but there is one thing she doesn't want to give up. Specifically, a birthday cake. To Deok Seon, sorrow itself is when her birthday party includes recycling a birthday cake used for her sister Bora. Deok Seon, who had bottled up her grief of being second, blew up in front of what seconds ago was Bora's birthday cake.

* This scene in Hye Ri's words

“I also flared up during that scene. I'm the oldest, so I didn't know the sadness of being second very well. I asked a few people before the drama started, and they said that this is how it really was. Even though there was a scene where I asked to have a separate birthday party from my sister, even though there was a scene when I cried and screamed, when I watch those scenes again, I remember bearing in mind to really put in effort to represent [those feelings] without fail. As unhappy as I was with the cake, I had immersed myself to the point of tears. Because it was such a difficult scene, I still have a great impression of that scene even now.”

#Scene 4) Sweatingly continuous NG, Spanish song

In order not to lose to her model student sister, Bora, who was tutoring her, Deok Seon fought back with Spanish songs. Although she didn't understand the words, Deok Seon's unfamiliar Spanish song was suitable for expressing the pleasantness of Sangmundong. Dong Ryong got in on the pleasure of the song and continued with the singing, eliciting laughter.

* This scene in Hye Ri's words

“There was a scene when Bo Ra Eonni was tutoring us and we started singing in Spanish. I actually had a hard time memorizing that song. I definitely knew the script really well, but, just this time, I really couldn't do it. I had to sing the entire song, but I kept getting NG. I was so nervous that I was sweating all over. We had to do the take so many times that, in the end, they just edited it to come out with this scene. Editing technology is so awesome that even though I made mistakes, it didn't all come out that badly.”
[t/l note: loose translation on last sentence...]

#Scene 5) “Why are you guys here?”

The final scene in Sangmundong was the farewell scene for Deok Seon. In one take, the camera swept through the Sangmundong alley and arrived in Taekie's room. Deok Seon, through tear-filled eyes, gazes at the group of guys, Jeong Hwan, Dong Ryong, and Seon Woo. And, then, saying, "Why are you guys here?", her tears overflowed.

* This scene in Hye Ri's words

“I was really sad. That scene was practically the last one we shot, but just thinking that this is already the end as Deok Seon made me cry a lot. I was supposed to cry according to the script, but saying, "Why are you guys here?" made it feel like it really was the end and I ended up crying for a long time before I even realized it. It really felt like it was the end to this person and to this alley, so my tears wouldn't stop all the more.”

Jan. 28th, 2016


hye ri on sports today, part 2

Hye Ri speaks about skinship with Park Bo Gum and Ryu Joon Yeol (Interview ②)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Is it Park Bo Gum, or is it Ryu Joon Yeol? To viewers of 'Answer Me 1988', it's a fairly important issue. Various predictions have come about regarding who Hye Ri's husband would be, owing to the fact that Hye Ri had quite the skinship with both men.

At Hye Ri's recent interview with Sports Today, she disclosed her feelings regarding the filming of the narrow alley scene with Ryu Joon Yeol as well as the kiss scene with Park Bo Gum. Hye Ri, who filmed the first kiss scene in her career through this production laughed embarrassedly as she reflects back to when they were filming.

During that time in the drama when she was hiding in the narrow alley in Sangmundong with Ryu Joon Yeol, the strongest memory she had of that time was the 'cold'. "Just before we filmed that scene, we had also filmed one where Jeong Hwannie brought me an umbrella and told me to, 'go quickly'. On top of both of us being extremely wet, it was also 6am; it was cold. Wearing our summer clothes, it was entirely too cold. I thought it would be embarrassing when I saw the script, but now my only memory is of shivering while we were filming," she said.
[t/l note: I'm pretty sure the alley scene was during the field trip. The Sangmundong assumption came from the article....]

Her assertive skinship partner was Park Bo Gum. While filming the kiss scene with Park Bo Gum, Hye Ri who never once before experienced a kiss scene, candidly revealed that she was nervous before filming. On the other hand, Park Bo Gum was completely composed.

"It was the first kiss scene ever for both of us. Seeing how composed Oppa was, I was just too shy. I had gotten so close with Bo Gum Oppa so I was even more of an embarrassing mess," Hye Ri said, laughing out loud.

"When we incidentally filmed it just right, I came to understand that 'Ahh, actors think about these things when they're filmed'. It wasn't any different than other acting [we've done]. When I tried thinking about how I should do things during filming and whether I would be trembling like a teen, it felt like we acted it out just like that. Bo Gum Oppa took the lead with me a lot," she explained.

Hye Ri portrays the role of Deok Seon, the second daughter of Sung Dong Il in 'Answer Me 1988''s Sangmundong. She is a bright and cheerful girl, but finds herself always having to concede to being second; she is in a long-time love triangle with her neighborhood friends, Jeong Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol) and Taek (Park Bo Gum). Prior to the beginning of filming, there was a lot of casting discussion regarding Hye Ri. Hye Ri became Deok Seon, in her pure unadorned form, and she received favorable sentiments with her unguarded performance.

hye ri interview on hankyung, part 2

[t/l note: before we begin.. i’d like to note that most of this was translated from korean to japanese first before i attempted to translate to english. i am definitely open to corrections. this is part 2 of the hye ri interview. part 1 is on a previous post, and focuses on the drama.]

[Interview (2)]
80% of what raised Hye Ri are the 'viewers'
source: Hankyung (Korea Economic Daily)

Being selected at the meeting that 'Answer Me 1988''s Hye Ri went to with the feeling, 'Could I do it?'
"I'm satisfied that my image as an 'idol turned actress' has been purified"

[photo; Caption: 'Answer Me 1988' PD Shin won Ho found Deok Seon in Hye Ri.]

[Reporter Kim Ye Rang] “80% of what raised me for 23 years was the wind.”

A poet once sang this. At 23 this year, Hye Ri of the girl group Girls' Day has grown as an actor, owing in part to the 'viewers'.

The recently concluded tvN drama 'Answer Me 1988' (from here on 'AM88') logged record-breaking ratings in the history of cable, with an average of 19.6%, and rising to a peak of 21.6%, in its finale. The success of 'AM88' is due to the combination of the 'husband-hunting' theme that continues the previous works and the enjoyable episodes that stir the common viewers' memories.

Although they couldn't avoid the criticism regarding repetitive clichés and a somewhat insufficient progress in the latter half, the general public welcomed the new faces. It was such for Jung Hwannie, and it was such for Taekie. It was the same for Dong Ryong, Seon Woo, Bo Ra, Mi Ok, Jeong Bongie. It was as well for the girl that everyone loved, Deok Seon who was in the center of it all.

Hye Ri was cast into the role of Deok Seon, amidst big concerns from the general public. This was due to the large success of the previous 'Answer Me' series as well as the great expectations on PD Shin Won Ho and Writer Lee Woo Jeon. However, when Episode 1 of 'AM88' aired, the misgivings gradually died down and viewers supported PD Shin's words that 'Hye Ri is the right person.'

Hye Ri called to mind the scent of the once nostalgic 1988 in her image as the 'can't help falling in love' Sangmundong high school girl, Deok Seon.

Hye Ri was aware of this kind of discussion. Hye Ri, who we met at a cafe in a Seongdong, Seoul cafe last April frankly opened up, "Even I know that all concerns are due to my immature image."

"At first, it was just 'let's try it once', so I went to the meeting with the feeling of, 'Could I do it?' I never imagined that I could be cast into a drama that embraces a love and interest this great. I did my audition without worries and without getting my hopes up", she said, explaining the background on her selection.

Hye Ri caught PD Shin Won Ho's eyes. "When I started talking candidly with the director, he ended up liking that. He said that he could see I was just like 'Deok Seon' and I was cast. I honestly don't know. How'd that happen? (Haha)”

Hye Ri herself had doubts in her selection in Deok Seon's role, but as long as there were viewers who love 'AM88', she held her head up.

"In the scenario, Deok Seon was an absurdly lively girl, full of facial expressions, always crying, laughing. I thought we were similar on the part of being helplessly bright, but I also thought we were completely different when it comes to being boundingly foolish. 'I'm quite clever,' I thought. (lol) If you try looking at it from a third-person perspective, it seems I have that part in me, too. At the director's advice, that time, I watched entertainment programs that I had appeared in. Even though I was watching it again on a different day, I came to see a side of myself that i didn't know about while [the program] was broadcasting. I came to understand that my my unconscious behavior was very much like Deok Seon. I took great effort in looking for that small part of myself while I was doing the character analysis.“

[photo; Caption: For Hye Ri of Girls' Day, 'Answer Me 1988' has been a learning experience.]

Hye Ri, who debuted with the 4-person idol group Girls' Day in 2010 at the age of 17, expected some small success, but it wasn't to be so. "In truth, I just took my time for 3 years. I was lacking in many ways, and it was continuous trial and error. During that course, I have learned a lot. What it is that I wanted to do, whether anyone would care if I did this," she reflected on those days.

Hye Ri, who was extremely worried about 'what I want to do', and put her foot forward on performances. Starting with the SBS drama 'Tasty Life' (2012) to JTBC's 'Seonam Girls High School' (2014) and SBS 'Hyde, Jekyll, and Me' (2015), she continues her climb upward. In truth, she hasn't been able to requite her love for acting. It was through MBC's 'Real Men - Ladies Special' that Hye Ri was able to receive affection from the general public.

Now, Hye Ri's representative work is no longer 'Real Men'; it is now 'Answer Me 1988.' Her popularity and even her acting ability has received recognition. She was able to shake off the labels of 'Idol turned actress' and 'foot actor' with her own abilities.

Hye Ri humbly noted, "I didn't have much confidence in myself." "I could feel it in my skin; 'Simply for this production, just think of how you should express it this way and how you should accept it this way.' I started to feel confident with the viewers' responses," she explained.

She added, "I would probably continue with acting even if I didn't get the positive responses like I'm receiving now (laugh)"; but, even so, "I learned a lot from the viewers' reactions. I was able to have a bit of confidence in myself, having received empathy and affection," she continued.

According to Hye Ri's exposition, her performance at present would get 5 points out of 100. She said, "In the past, I would think, 'How do I get to 100? I'm screwed,' but, now, it's 'I made it to 5 points, I still have 95 points left. That's not too much left,' I'd accept positively. I may not have a choice when it comes to my 'idol turned actress' image. I am grateful that I was able to purify it myself through 'AM88'."

Jan. 27th, 2016


hye ri interview on hankyung

[t/l note: before we begin.. i'd like to note that most of this was translated from korean to japanese first before i attempted to translate to english. i am definitely open to corrections. this is part 1 of the hye ri interview. part 2 continues on another page, and with a different focus.]

[Interview (1)]
'Answer Me 1988' Hye Ri's Choice! If there were only the 'Sangmundong 4' left on Earth
source: Hankyung (Korea Economic Daily)

Hye Ri, who portrayed the role of Deok Seon in ' Answer Me 1988'
"You can’t say that her feelings towards JungHwan wasn’t love"

It wasn't a 'day' like all the coming days. The day that 'Answer Me 1988' aired was a day of delicacy-filled celebration. The Sangmundong 4, consisting of Jung Hwan (Ryu Joon Yeol), Taek (Park Bo Gum), Seon Woo (Go Kyung Pyo), Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi), received favorable responses from female viewers of the TV drama. Because the four types of 'Fantasy' is an undeniably necessary and satisfactory condition.

The most enviable circumstance would be that of the female lead 'Deok Seon (Hye Ri)'. With broadcast starting on November 2015 and over the next 3 months, we asked Deok Seon for some unknown details. If the “Sangmundong 4” were the only guys left on Earth, who would she choose?

[photo; Caption: 'Answer Me 1988''s Hye Ri feels lucky to have met 'the people of Sangmundong']

"I’ve gotten quite a bit of rest", she laughed clearly. Though her skin is more tanned and the gap in her pure white teeth is wider than before, she couldn’t help but laugh. We finally met with Hye Ri, heroine of tvN’s 'Answer Me 1988' (AM88, from here on out).

After the ‘AM88’ broadcast ended, the entire production staff went on a reward vacation to Phuket, Thailand. Upon arrival, Hye Ri began to lose herself to the murderous schedule. These days, instead of being seen as ‘Hye Ri’ the performer, she is still recognized as the deservedly loved character ‘Deok Seon’. We asked her about the still hot button topic regarding ‘ONamRyu (The husband is Ryu Joon Yeol no matter what)’ and ‘OnamTaek (The husband is Taek no matter what)’.

'Answer Me 1988' with its rich episodes matching the catch phrase 'My last love is family' received ample love from men and women of all ages. However, the main female lead’s, Deok Seon’s, ‘husband-hunting’ led to its record-setting ratings.

Starting with Seon Woo from the beginning of the drama, Jung Hwan in the mid-to-later part, then getting to Taek in the latter half. Deok Seon's heart fluttered for the highest number of guys in the "Answer Me" series. Although she was rebuked as being an 'inconsistent child' at one point, her patience with Taek and the fruition of their subtle love moved half the viewers. On the other hand, there were apparently some people that could not be convinced. These were the viewers that came forward to push for 'OnamRyu'.

Hye Ri started to say, in a troubled manner, "I can't say that 'actually I'm for OnamRyu'. But there's also a part of me that can't deny that the viewers feel this way." One has to understand the 'ambiguous' answer. One has to consider everything in 'Hye Ri' and 'Deok Seon''s position. However, the production staff cleverly left just enough clues through the story.

"I don't think we could have come to an end that would have pleased everyone. If, in the end, it wasn't Taeki, but someone else, then someone out there probably wouldn't like that, either. Wouldn't we somehow just be putting someone else in the same situation?"

Hye Ri emphasizes Deok Seon's 'innocence'. "When Deok Seon expressed feelings towards Seon Woo and Jung Hwan, it was due to people around her telling her, 'he probably likes you.' Her immature and innocent friends would tell her easily lead heart, and she would start going that way even as she's saying, 'Oh, really? Then I'm good with him, too...'," she said.

Hye Ri stresses that one cannot say “it wasn’t love.” It was. Jung Hwannie was a still naïve Deok Sun’s puppy love.

“When Dong Ryong asked, ‘Who is it that you like?’, it seems that Deok Seon was enlightened. When she calmly thought about it, Deok Seon had been conscious about Taek from the very beginning. If you see how she keeps thinking, ‘Why isn’t this kid dressing warmly enough, has he eaten, did he take pills to sleep again’, it seems that Deok Seon couldn’t be conscious about her feelings towards Taek. The viewers were much the same. I regret that I couldn’t completely persuade the audience about the flow of Deok Seon’s feelings.”

[photo; Caption: With regards to the debate over the ending of 'Answer Me 1988', Hye Ri's response is vague, but perhaps she gave the most prudent answer.]

If it was the actual Hye Ri, not Deok Seon, would she have chosen Taekie? If the only guys left on earth were JungHwan, Taek, SunWoo, DongRyong, who would she have fallen in love with?

Hye Ri's expression became a little embarrassed, and said, "I think they made the best choice." When it comes to their story, there's a 'what looks best' among the 'Sangmundong 4' from the viewers' point of view, while for Deok Seon, they were just a bunch of kids full of faults.
[t/l note: regarding 'what looks best'... i'm not sure if it's the most accurate translation, but the phrase she used is half of a proverb, 'what looks good tastes good'/'appearances matter'.]

"One friend couldn't even do anything, one friend knew nothing outside of baduk, I can't help but laugh. I like the stronger 'Sung Bora' (Ryu Hye Young). (Haha) Looking at it from Deok Seon's standpoint, they were kids with a lot of touching charm and many faults. From Hye Ri’s standpoint, let's see... could we somehow mix their good points together? If there was someone like that, I could marry them. (Haha)"

Along with having an empathetic story, 'AM88' also makes use of attractive up-and-coming actors, boosting them into stardom. Looking at Hye Ri, who is always surrounded by Ryu Joon Yeol, Lee Dong Hwi, Go Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Gum, we turn to joking around about her 'enviable work environment'.

“Aside from Park Bo Gum, there was a rather large age difference. They treated me like the youngest kid,” said Hye Ri, immersed in reminiscing about the harmonious filming set.

"They've known each other from before, through other circumstances. So I was worried. What if I couldn't match with them, I wondered. But, before the filming, I often met with them during the script reading. So when the actual filming began, it was a lot of fun since we were already pretty close. So much that the staff would tell us, 'Hey, guys~ Stop messing around so much so we can shoot'," she added.

"I was very worried since this was my 'first leading role'. When we were filming, I would ask, 'did I do well?', the oppas who were watching would encourage me, saying, 'our Deok Seon is doing great, the best'. I learned a lot," she continued, without forgetting to express her gratefulness.

While doing this work, Hye Ri had the nicest thing to say with the following words.

"The viewers can also see. They can see our actual closeness through the screen. The chemistry (breath) among the 'AM88' family is the most fun, and it was a work worth doing."

Hye Ri has gained a strong support group, cheering her on in the not-so-easy acting career along with her invaluable career as 'AM88''s Deok Seon.

Aug. 11th, 2014


fukushi sota blog entry on 8/11: in the hero, strobe edge, fan event...

Strobe Edge to become a live-action film.

Hello everyone~

There are a lot of things going on today-

There was a private showing of
the movie, "In the Hero", which is opening to the public on 9/6!

It's a story about the suits actors, but
the content made me recall my Kamen Rider days ^^

Guys, and, of course,
girls, please do come and watch over this silly and cool guy ψ(`∇´)ψ

And, also,
as people who have seen the newspapers, the 'net, etc,
may have already suspected...

it's been decided that I'll be taking on the lead role
for the movie, "Strobe Edge"-!!

I'll be Ichinose Ren.

He's somebody
I admired when I was in high school. laugh

It was a shoujo manga that I read when I was in high school, so I'm honored that I'll get to be "that" Ren-kun!

I'll work on it as diligently as possible

Please look forward to it!!!

[image: Fukushi Souta in a school uniform]

And to those who came
to the Fan Event yesterday,

thank you (^_^)

It was an extremely fun event. I was happy that we got to do various things. ^^

It seems the final surprise was planned by the fans,
I was rather dumbfounded and froze for a bit, but I was really happy

Thank you so much♡

See ya...:)

Jul. 27th, 2014


Suki tte Ii na Yo Special Interview

source: Dessert 2014/08

The opening day for the movie, "Suki tte Ii na Yo." is getting closer. And, so, this time, we're hitting up Kawaguchi Haruna-chan and Fukushi Souta-kun, who are portraying the roles of Mei & Yamato. The two of them tells us about various things, from the inside scoop on filming to "Sukinayo" itself, about kissing, love, etc.

"The most memorable part was the "real kiss" on the stairs"

Fukushi Souta (Souta, below) What did you think when you first read the original work?
Kawaguchi Haruna (Haruna, below) My first impression of it was, "it's so brilliant". I thought, this is that ideal high school life that I didn't get to experience.
Souta There probably aren't that many people who got to have that kind of high school life. Due to the fact that I'm portraying Yamato's role, it was fun getting to simulate an everyday life like that! Like I have never gone to karaoke or bowling.
Haruna I have quite a lot of friends about me who are reading "Sukinayo.", so when I told them that I'd be portraying Mei, they told me, "you should definitely do that necktie kiss". It's a scene that I like as well, but doing it for real was rather hard (laugh). What scene left an impression on you, Souta-kun?
Souta It was probably that six-time kiss on the stairs. It was quite surprising, so it made me go, "Are we really going to do it like that right from the opening~!?" Together with the director, the three of us talked about it quite a bit before filming that. Thanks to that, we were able to focus and act it out.
Haruna That scene was during the time when Mei's feelings were wavering, so it was really hard! They kissed, while they were in a situation when the feelings of wanting to accept and wanting to reject were mixed and she didn't know what to do. But I really liked the sixth kiss.

"Your favorite character of the opposite gender is!?"

Souta My favorite is the kiss after Yamato took Mei to his own alma mater and told her about his past with Kai. Because it was a scene that wasn't on the script, I did feel a little lost, but I thought it made for a good scene. I felt that Yamato really doesn't think that he's popular. It's just that he becomes popular because, due to his past with Kai, he cares for others, feeling that "if there's anything I can do, I will do it" for anybody......
Haruna Mei also changes little by little because of Yamato. She becomes able to show her true self to the people she cares about, and becomes stronger as a person. It was very difficult, so I just acted it out, thinking, "Whatever happens, happens!" (laugh) I hope I am able to communicate that change to everyone.
Souta Haruna-chan really loves acting. She's observing while seriously thinking about various works. Working as co-starring leads this time, I once again feel that she's so diligent.
Haruna What about you, Souta-kun? You're the one approaching your role really stoically! Not only that, but you're incredibly attentive to the staff about you. To tell you the truth, I was watching you, thinking, "He's at it" (laugh). Even with your role as Yamato, you got into it from the very start without feeling out of place at all.
Souta I'm the type who gets into talking with people who seem to be alone, so that's actually something in which I'm a bit like Yamato.
Haruna I'm probably not like Mei or Asami, or Aiko or Megumi~. But I can sympathize a bit with their feelings. If it was among the guys, it would be Yamato. Souta-kun, who do you like among the girls?
Souta H~m. Maybe if you put Mei and Asami together and divide them in half, something like that. I like girls who have common sense and have got themselves together, but also have a vulnerable side. Someone who has the same values, goals, and timing with humor would be great. Someone who would cook for me and be able to show that they're family-oriented gets to my heart. Someone who is well-groomed and has long, beautiful hair would be the best!

"With this movie, I want to get one step closer!!"

Haruna I don't really have a type. When I fall in love, it's a completely different type every time. I don't have a preference on physical appearances either...
Souta Would you be able to take the initiative and tell somebody you like them?
Haruna No~, no way. What about you, Souta-kun?
Souta Of course, I would want to. Even if somebody said it to me, I would want to tell them myself. But, since I'm very careful, I don't fall in love easily.
Haruna You're rather serious, aren't you~ You're like a perfect idealist. But I think it's important that guys have a sense of pride, I want them to show their weakness in front of the person they like. If a lion-like guy like Souta-kun were to say, "I can't~", and show me a side that they would show only to me, then that would make my heart skip a beat.
Souta I'm like that. But a relationship like Yamato's and Mei's that lifts each other is idealistic, after all.
Haruna Yes, I admire it. Looking at the two of them makes me want to meet more people. And, with that, girls, tell guys you like, "I love you"!
Souta It's a story that not only tells of love, but also draws out the many human dramas. As we are acting out real people, I think that there are parts that would make your heart pound for real. It would be great if you watch this movie and are then able to gather the courage to take that step forward.

translator's note: it's late and I'm tired, so translation may be a little loose at parts. (comments and corrections are welcome!) i decided to just leave "suki tte ii na yo" and "sukinayo" untranslated. for the record, "suki tte ii na yo" is the title and it has the formal english translation as "say 'i love you'". "sukinayo" is a shortening/nickname of that title. also, it seems as if the prompts were inserted afterwards after trying to divine a theme between sections... or souta-kun really just doesn't want to answer to those prompts. XD;

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