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YOF Episode 7 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 7 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-04-01

The youths' trip, it ain't over until it's over!
A day trip away from Seoul for Africa-style Camping!
Youths Over Flowers IN Africa Director's Cut!

A tent and camp equipment spread out on a building rooftop in the heart of the city!
And the AM88 brothers who are sti~ll completely sunburned!
They bring out the Marula liqueur at the barbecue for the first time in a while, but...

YOF's sister program, "Outdoor Master Bong"!
Will Bongvely's specialty, kimchi fried rice, be a success as well?

The flawless adaptability of entertainers! They are now able to speak about it!
From the tricky strategies of the production staff's secret movements
To the precious bonds and animals they encountered in Africa!
We now reveal the cherished behind-the-scenes story!

April 1 Friday evening at 9:45!
"Youths Over Flowers" Africa, Director's Cut
You only live once, YOLO!

YOF Episode 6 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 6 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-25

The end of the line for the 9-night 11-day Africa trip, 'Victoria Falls'
The final episode of these dynamic and invigorating flower youths!

After some twists and turns, they finally arrive at the country of Zimbabwe!*
The youths who were soaked with appreciation while gazing at the picturesque view of Victoria Falls
Although the corners of their eyes redden as they think back on this trip...

The scariest rafting in the world, 'Zambezi River rafting'!
The four fearless guys' dizzying canyon diving and
The strength of the Zambezi River currents that drench everyone!

'Is this ok?' Even if you regret it, it's already too late!**
Jun Yeol, Bo Geom stand on the Bridge Bungee Jumping pedestal at Victoria Falls!
Capturing their lively facial expressions as they fall 111m!

March 25 Friday evening at 9:45!
'Youths Over Flowers' Africa, final episode.
Please be with us for the youths' final journey!

[t/l note: *literally, it's "The country they finally arrive at after some twists and turns, Zimbabwe!"
** 'Is this ok?' could also be 'Is this safe?')


YOF Episode 5 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 5 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-18

The flower youths leave Namibia, the first [country] they saw in Africa.
It's the beginning of their final trip, heading towards Victoria Falls!

The 'game driving' in Etosha which has not yet ended
Will they be successful in their 'lion search mission'?
Afterwards, they come across the other jewel of Etosha.
They encounter the vast land of dry saltpans, the 'Etosha Pan'!
[t/l note: You can read about Etosha Pan from the Etosha National Park website]

On their last night in Namibia, it's the youths' last time camping!
'We believe in you' Outdoor Master Bong's final episode, 'Tomato Pasta' chapter and
the truth behind the African liquor that Maknae Bogummy has completely fallen for is?

Crossing the second national border, they arrive in the country of Zimbabwe!
But the sun is already setting...
Will they really be able to see Victoria Falls without problems?

March 20 Friday evening at 9:45!
"Youths Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 5!
On toward Victoria Falls~ Run for it!

YOF Episode 4 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 4 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-11

The youths have recharged their energy at the Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp!*
At last... they set out to search for the romance of Africa, the wild animals!**

After maknae Bo Gum's startling rear-end collision as he was backing out,
the place they were headed to was the world's largest wildlife protection organization!
The mecca of game driving, Etosha National Park
What are the animal characters that surprised them right from the entrance?

The youths who met the water head-on at the pool!
They start throwing off their underwear in excitement, but...
they start up again with the painful camping manual labor!
'Outdoor Master Bong''s second special menu is now open to the public!

The AM88 Brothers who have grown even closer with some alcohol!
Opening up for the first time about the stories of their acting life
and their inner feelings that they have not talked about anywhere else...

March 11 Friday evening at 9:45!
"Youth Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 4!
Please come play in the Animal Kingdom~

[t/l notes:
* You can find info about Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp here
** "The romance/spirit of Africa" or perhaps "the African romance/spirit/dream"


YOF Episode 3 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 3 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-03-04

From Phuket to Sossusvlei~ The youths ran without time to rest!
In order to get healing for their tired bodies and hearts, they head towards a rest camp!

The AM88 brothers who have completely adapted to Africa
Their next destination, the rest camp, Swakopmund!
They embark on a trip there, where the golden desert meets the waters of the Atlantic Ocean!

Heart-throbbing~ Maknae Bogum's first time driving!
The youths who lost their spirits to the town they had stormed
after a sad tale of having to leave the steering wheel after only 3 minutes and some twists and turns!

Jun Yeol, Bo Gum's unending desert activities!
Jae Hong, Kyeong Pyo have fallen completely in love with a delicious restaurant!
And then... the pocket money that is slowly vanishing without Cashier Go's knowledge (?)
The poor youngsters, can they get to Victoria Falls as they had thought?

March 4 Friday evening at 9:45
"Youths Over Flowers" Africa, Episode 3!
If you are watching the first broadcast… we are grateful!

[t/l note: you can find info about Swakopmund Municipal Rest Camp here]
[t/l note 2: i needed that correction! haha. See here for an explanation on that last line.]

YOF Episode 2 preview


[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 2 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-02-26

The late joining of 'Real-life Taekie' Bo Gum who missed his flight!
The AM88 brothers foursome who finally met in Namibia!

Their joy in forming their complete group is brief! There's no time to delay~
Their goal on the first day of YOF
'Sossusvlei', which is in the oldest desert in the world

The long offroad expedition that they have mounted on the rental car 'Mundongie'!
And the picturesque scenery of the golden sunset upon the desert!
The deeply moved youths take out their camera, but...
an unforeseen accident happens while taking the jump shot?

The AM88 brothers' first ever camping in history
All they have is only a single pot and a 2-person tent!
But we have 'Outdoor Master Bong'!
The great display of Jae Hong's camp cooking, saving the hungry youths~

February 26 at 9:45 in the evening!
'Youths Over Flowers' Africa, the second episode!

For now, just run! Hakuna~ Matata~!

ahn jae hong interview, part 2, on starnews

Ahn Jae Hong "Park Bo Gum, drank wine and sang gleefully in the desert" (Interview ②)

Interview for Ahn Jae Hong, who portrayed the role of Jung Bong, on cable channel tvN Fri-Sat Drama 'Answer Me 1988'

source: StarNews

'AM88' ended amidst the love of so many people. Afterwards the 'AM88' team, including the production group, staff, and cast, left for a reward vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Even as Ahn Jae Hong, who went to Southeast Asia for the first time, expressed, "The hot weather was really difficult," he also said, "I wanted to enjoy this moment; I drank a lot, stayed up all night, and really played a lot during the vacation." Towards the final day of the vacation, Na Yeong Seok PD came for Ahn Jae Hong, Ryoo Joon Yeol, and Go Kyeong Pyo. And so they were abducted by 'Youths Over Flowers', and headed to Africa.

"That day, when we were abducted, it was also really hot and I was worn out. That's why, when Ra Mi Ran and Kim Seon Yeong seonbae were creating the mood while intentionally talking about 'Youths Over Flowers', I wasn't able to concentrate. In that situation, I couldn't help but be surprised when Na Yeong Seok PD appeared."

Ahn Jae Hong confessed that his spirit immediately left his body when he saw Na Yeong Seok PD in front of his very eyes. "Although I understood what kind of a situation it was, it took me a while. Even as we were on our way to the airport, it was strange. Actually, the words 'Youths Over Flowers' and Africa just weren't in my head," he said, confessing his mental state at the time. In actuality, it wasn't just Ahn Jae Hong; we were able to see the same with Ryoo Joon Yeol and Go Kyeong Pyo. When the three heard the plan to kidnap Park Bo Gum in Korea, they first burst out laughing.

"The reality of going to Korea and then getting kidnapped just before he got home was funny. And he was probably carrying presents that he couldn't even give. In truth, when we were filming 'AM88' with Bo Gummie, we didn't have a lot of opportunities to talk and you could say we were a little close, but, at that moment, we seemed to have mutual sympathy. Bo Gummie is an extremely nice and mellow friend, so I was curious about how he would react."

The expectations of the viewers with regards to 'Youth Over Flowers Africa', which had garnered a lot of buzz from the moment of their abduction, was beyond anyone's guess. And, so, on the 19th, the record of these four brothers from Sangmundong's travels was finally revealed. Ahn Jae Hong disclosed that, through this trip, he was able to see a different side to his friends.

"First of all, I didn't know that Ryoo Joon Yeol had that leadership quality and a disposition to proactively set out for something. Thanks to him, we had a fun trip. I've known Kyeong Pyo for almost 8 years, but I now finally know whether he is just being modest or not. But the one with the biggest reversal was Bo Gummie. There was a couple from Holland who we had met while travelling; they were drinking wine while setting their camper van up in the middle of the desert. The man offered Bo Gummie some alcohol, and at first Bo Gummie wouldn't drink the alcohol. But, then, wondering if it would feel good, he took a couple of drinks, enjoyed it, and started singing by himself. It was really cute and fun."
[t/l note: May be some errors on that second to last sentence.]

No matter how long you may have been with your friends, when you go on a trip, you're bound to clash. However, these guys shown on the broadcast were busy being considerate to each other. "It's something we did together during the trip," said Ahn Jae Hong, "If we are considerate with each other, we could travel enjoyably without hurting each other's feelings."

Ahn Jae Hong disclosed that he is grateful for the fact that a lot of people have watched and loved their precious trip on 'Youths Over Flowers', their brief conversations and their 24 hours. Likewise, they are conveying a different side, broadcasting not characters within a production, but their true selves as they are.

"Didn't our precious memories and travel diary come out interesting and beautiful? It was all recorded, so, to us, it's just another present. It's also unusual that with our 24 hours being shown to the public, the real Ahn Jae Hong is presented just as is. When there's a camera in front of us, we've never thought it would be amusing to have fun while being conscious that it's entertainment. And, so, our Africa travel diary really begins on Episode 2."
[t/l note: May be some errors on that second to last sentence.]

kim seon yeong interviews 5-7 on sports today

[t/l note: corrections welcome, as always!! this is also the last of this series of sports today intreviews with kim seon yeong. there may be others, but this series is only a 7-parter.]

Kim Seon Yeong "Go Kyeong Pyo is a profoundly serious friend... I wanted to regard him as a son" (interview ⑤)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong disclosed being moved by Go Kyeong Pyo's seriousness.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong frankly spoke about how when it comes to Go Kyeong Pyo, who she met in a mother-son relationship through 'Answer Me 1988', "300%, 400% of what enters his heart" is truly who he is.

Kim Seon Yeong reflected, "Go Kyeong Pyo is a breath of fresh air. Somehow.. He's quite 'real' as he is", "He's not pretentious. There are people who bring about the good-humored, unpretentious feel, but it feels like this friend is the real deal."

"Although, at first, I though the was afraid of me, he was really just a quiet friend by nature. When he shot his final scene with me, it seems that he didn't know it was the final one. As I was leaving first, I told him that I was disappointed that today was the last, and he cried right there. Seeing that, even I ended up crying with him," she recounted.

"I wanted to regard him as my son. He was a deeply serious friend", Kim Seon Yeong added, sharing her painful thoughts regarding Go Kyeong Pyo.

Kim Seon Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Woo's (Go Kyeong Pyo) mother, Seon Yeong in 'Answer Me 1988'. She was a self-sacrificing mother who took care of her son Seon Woo and daughter Jin Joo on her own after her husband passed away. The deep and mature Seon Woo paid particular attention to such a mother's needs, forming a special mother-son bond.

Kim Seon Yeong "Park Bo Gum's girlfriend is Lee Il Hwa? They misunderstood her girl-like figure" (interview ⑥)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong clarified the details regarding the 'Park Bo Gum's girlfriend' happening that arose from Phuket.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong explained the reason that there was a misunderstanding about Lee Il Hwa being Park Bo Gum's girlfriend during the reward vacation in Phuket that they were enjoying after the end of 'Answer Me 1988'.

To start with, when the 'Answer Me 1988' production staff and cast left for their reward vacation in Phuket, the domestic online community showed Park Bo Gum together with a woman on-site. A portion of the netizens started asking questions regarding the woman's true identity and baseless rumors that she was 'Park Bo Gum's girlfriend' spread, but it has been confirmed that the woman in question was Lee Il Hwa.

"Il Hwa Eonni, Mi Ran Eonni were eating a meal after they had gone and gotten a massage together. Suddenly, someone came and told us that a photo of Bo Gum and Il Hwa Eonni had been taken, so, at that time, we finally understood what was going on", "Il Hwa Eonni's figure is too much like a young girl's, so it seems to have provoked this kind of a misunderstanding," said Kim Seon Yeong.

"I'm also intimately glamorous. I took a photo with Hye Ri in Phuket, and it seems that there isn't really a difference between the size of our faces. So I told Hye Ri to just pass over her remaining advertising shoots to me. My rival is Hye Ri," Kim Seon Yeong joked, laughing out loud.

Kim Seon Yeong "The broadcast end for 'AM88'.. It's like a lover I broke up with" (interview ⑦)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong reveals her painful feelings on 'Answer Me 1988'.

In a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong expressed her deep regret, and conveyed her feelings of gratitude on the viewers' passionate responses.

Kim Seon Yeong, who endured a long period of anonymity after her debut and then gained grandest spotlight on 'Answer Me 1988', said, "The ratings were high, but we weren't that aware of the popularity. I'm just grateful that I'm able to do an interview like this, and that I am able to gradually get to know more people."

"I really am sad that it's over. It feels like a lover I had broken up with. In truth, I haven't let go of this production. I miss it and I still I want to do it," Kim Seon Yeong said in particular, opening up about how all of the changes made possible by 'Answer Me 1988' have been more than she deserved.

She'll be going on to another project from here on. Kim Seon Yeong, who will soon begin filming for the movie 'ONE LINE', confessed in a small voice, "I'll try not to keep swinging between joy and sadness. I'll be able to swallow it up given a month. Even as I need to prepare for 'ONE LINE', I want to be able to do everything well and get close with the actors here as well."

Kim Seon Yeong portrayed the role of Seon Yeong, mother of Seon Woo (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo (Kim Seol) in 'Answer Me 1988'. She established a warm friendship with Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran), and a loveline with Taek's (Park Bo Gum) father, Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong), causing a deep impression with her sincere acting.

[t/l note: Kim Sun Young and Lee Dong Hwi will actually both be in the ONE LINE movie.]

kim seon yeong interview 4 on sports today

Kim Seon Yeong sheds tears over thoughts of Lee Il Hwa "She's an angel-like eonni" (interview ④)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong shed tears over thoughts of Lee Il Hwa.

At a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong revealed her affection for Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, who she acted together with on tvN's 'Answer Me 1988', and suddenly shed tears.

Kim Seon Yeong, Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, who earned the nickname 'Sangmundong Taetiseo' on 'Answer Me 1988' became irreplaceable friends through this production. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that their performance in the drama in which they shared everything freely and embraced each other began with the compatible chemistry between the three of them.

"I'm actually the youngest. With the exception of all the yelling and hitting, Mi Ran Eonni was acting out a role that totally resembled her real self. Being able to distinguish that, she is, of course, a very cool eonni. Although she's not easily offended by people, her emotions are still those of a young girl's" Kim Seon Yeong explained.

As the oldest eonni, Lee Il Hwa is yet a bit more special to Kim Seon Yeong. Kim Seon Yeong expressed that Lee Il Hwa is "an angel-like eonni", and "After the final shoot ended, I sent eonni a text, telling her, 'It seems that God often comforted me through you'" she reminisced.

Moreover, "When she watches me act, Il Hwa Eonni would tell me, 'Seon Yeong-ah, that gaze looks really beautiful. Do it that way.' I felt her wish for me to really turn out beautifully"; in this way, she was deeply inspired by Lee Il Hwa's heart, and she started to tear up.

Kim Seon Yeong acted as the mother of Seon Woo (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo (Kim Seol) in 'Answer Me 1988'. She established a warm friendship with Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran), and a loveline with Taek's (Park Bo Gum) father, Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong), touching the hearts of the viewers.