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kim seon yeong interview 4 on sports today

Kim Seon Yeong sheds tears over thoughts of Lee Il Hwa "She's an angel-like eonni" (interview ④)

source: Sports Today

[Sports Today Reporter Cha Ji Soo] Actress Kim Seon Yeong shed tears over thoughts of Lee Il Hwa.

At a recent interview with Sports Today, Kim Seon Yeong revealed her affection for Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, who she acted together with on tvN's 'Answer Me 1988', and suddenly shed tears.

Kim Seon Yeong, Lee Il Hwa, Ra Mi Ran, who earned the nickname 'Sangmundong Taetiseo' on 'Answer Me 1988' became irreplaceable friends through this production. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that their performance in the drama in which they shared everything freely and embraced each other began with the compatible chemistry between the three of them.

"I'm actually the youngest. With the exception of all the yelling and hitting, Mi Ran Eonni was acting out a role that totally resembled her real self. Being able to distinguish that, she is, of course, a very cool eonni. Although she's not easily offended by people, her emotions are still those of a young girl's" Kim Seon Yeong explained.

As the oldest eonni, Lee Il Hwa is yet a bit more special to Kim Seon Yeong. Kim Seon Yeong expressed that Lee Il Hwa is "an angel-like eonni", and "After the final shoot ended, I sent eonni a text, telling her, 'It seems that God often comforted me through you'" she reminisced.

Moreover, "When she watches me act, Il Hwa Eonni would tell me, 'Seon Yeong-ah, that gaze looks really beautiful. Do it that way.' I felt her wish for me to really turn out beautifully"; in this way, she was deeply inspired by Lee Il Hwa's heart, and she started to tear up.

Kim Seon Yeong acted as the mother of Seon Woo (Go Kyeong Pyo) and Jin Joo (Kim Seol) in 'Answer Me 1988'. She established a warm friendship with Sangmundong mothers, Il Hwa (Lee Il Hwa) and Mi Ran (Ra Mi Ran), and a loveline with Taek's (Park Bo Gum) father, Moo Seong (Choi Moo Seong), touching the hearts of the viewers.