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ahn jae hong interview, part 2, on starnews

Ahn Jae Hong "Park Bo Gum, drank wine and sang gleefully in the desert" (Interview ②)

Interview for Ahn Jae Hong, who portrayed the role of Jung Bong, on cable channel tvN Fri-Sat Drama 'Answer Me 1988'

source: StarNews

'AM88' ended amidst the love of so many people. Afterwards the 'AM88' team, including the production group, staff, and cast, left for a reward vacation in Phuket, Thailand. Even as Ahn Jae Hong, who went to Southeast Asia for the first time, expressed, "The hot weather was really difficult," he also said, "I wanted to enjoy this moment; I drank a lot, stayed up all night, and really played a lot during the vacation." Towards the final day of the vacation, Na Yeong Seok PD came for Ahn Jae Hong, Ryoo Joon Yeol, and Go Kyeong Pyo. And so they were abducted by 'Youths Over Flowers', and headed to Africa.

"That day, when we were abducted, it was also really hot and I was worn out. That's why, when Ra Mi Ran and Kim Seon Yeong seonbae were creating the mood while intentionally talking about 'Youths Over Flowers', I wasn't able to concentrate. In that situation, I couldn't help but be surprised when Na Yeong Seok PD appeared."

Ahn Jae Hong confessed that his spirit immediately left his body when he saw Na Yeong Seok PD in front of his very eyes. "Although I understood what kind of a situation it was, it took me a while. Even as we were on our way to the airport, it was strange. Actually, the words 'Youths Over Flowers' and Africa just weren't in my head," he said, confessing his mental state at the time. In actuality, it wasn't just Ahn Jae Hong; we were able to see the same with Ryoo Joon Yeol and Go Kyeong Pyo. When the three heard the plan to kidnap Park Bo Gum in Korea, they first burst out laughing.

"The reality of going to Korea and then getting kidnapped just before he got home was funny. And he was probably carrying presents that he couldn't even give. In truth, when we were filming 'AM88' with Bo Gummie, we didn't have a lot of opportunities to talk and you could say we were a little close, but, at that moment, we seemed to have mutual sympathy. Bo Gummie is an extremely nice and mellow friend, so I was curious about how he would react."

The expectations of the viewers with regards to 'Youth Over Flowers Africa', which had garnered a lot of buzz from the moment of their abduction, was beyond anyone's guess. And, so, on the 19th, the record of these four brothers from Sangmundong's travels was finally revealed. Ahn Jae Hong disclosed that, through this trip, he was able to see a different side to his friends.

"First of all, I didn't know that Ryoo Joon Yeol had that leadership quality and a disposition to proactively set out for something. Thanks to him, we had a fun trip. I've known Kyeong Pyo for almost 8 years, but I now finally know whether he is just being modest or not. But the one with the biggest reversal was Bo Gummie. There was a couple from Holland who we had met while travelling; they were drinking wine while setting their camper van up in the middle of the desert. The man offered Bo Gummie some alcohol, and at first Bo Gummie wouldn't drink the alcohol. But, then, wondering if it would feel good, he took a couple of drinks, enjoyed it, and started singing by himself. It was really cute and fun."
[t/l note: May be some errors on that second to last sentence.]

No matter how long you may have been with your friends, when you go on a trip, you're bound to clash. However, these guys shown on the broadcast were busy being considerate to each other. "It's something we did together during the trip," said Ahn Jae Hong, "If we are considerate with each other, we could travel enjoyably without hurting each other's feelings."

Ahn Jae Hong disclosed that he is grateful for the fact that a lot of people have watched and loved their precious trip on 'Youths Over Flowers', their brief conversations and their 24 hours. Likewise, they are conveying a different side, broadcasting not characters within a production, but their true selves as they are.

"Didn't our precious memories and travel diary come out interesting and beautiful? It was all recorded, so, to us, it's just another present. It's also unusual that with our 24 hours being shown to the public, the real Ahn Jae Hong is presented just as is. When there's a camera in front of us, we've never thought it would be amusing to have fun while being conscious that it's entertainment. And, so, our Africa travel diary really begins on Episode 2."
[t/l note: May be some errors on that second to last sentence.]