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YOF Episode 2 preview

source: http://program.interest.me/tvn/floweryoungboy/9/Board/List?b_seq=21

[Youths Over Flowers in Africa] Episode 2 Preview
Broadcast Date: 2016-02-26

The late joining of 'Real-life Taekie' Bo Gum who missed his flight!
The AM88 brothers foursome who finally met in Namibia!

Their joy in forming their complete group is brief! There's no time to delay~
Their goal on the first day of YOF
'Sossusvlei', which is in the oldest desert in the world

The long offroad expedition that they have mounted on the rental car 'Mundongie'!
And the picturesque scenery of the golden sunset upon the desert!
The deeply moved youths take out their camera, but...
an unforeseen accident happens while taking the jump shot?

The AM88 brothers' first ever camping in history
All they have is only a single pot and a 2-person tent!
But we have 'Outdoor Master Bong'!
The great display of Jae Hong's camp cooking, saving the hungry youths~

February 26 at 9:45 in the evening!
'Youths Over Flowers' Africa, the second episode!

For now, just run! Hakuna~ Matata~!
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