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a recap from my profile info

this is blue_bel's (beldaran@d-addicts's) translation blog... of whatever i feel like translating. almost all entries (except, perhaps, some of the newer ones) are f-locked; i would rather not have unwanted attention for any possible gray areas in the legal system. as such, all adds will be added back.

link-backs are ok, but please do not re-post. (although i might end up re-posting to a couple of comms myself.)

disclaimer: i am not the author of any of the original source material, but i do pretty much own a copy of all physical material (ie, magazines, manga, etc... not web sites) which i am sourcing from. i am also not making any money whatsoever from any of my posts. the purpose is to share information that may otherwise be unknown by fans alike, due to language barriers.

all sources are mentioned, and all online sources are referenced in the respective posts.


Hi ^^ I'm quite interested in your translations. Can I friend you?
yes, please, go ahead. :)
Thank you very much!!